General problem/challenge addressed by the commitment

Apathy of citizens with respect to governance issues.

Low knowledge of governance activities by citizens.

Non-inclusiveness of citizens in the governance process.

Inadequate citizens’ access to programmes and activities of government.

Main Objective

To increase access of citizens, especially those in remote rural communities to government processes.

Specific OGP challenge addressed by commitment

1. Public integrity.

2. Public services.

3. Effectiveness of public service delivery.

Rationale for commitment

Increased number of people using mobile telephones in rural communities to connect with policy makers and engage in government processes.

Expected Outcome/impact

1. Increased accountability in government service delivery.

2. Improved access to government processes.

Performance Indicators

1. Number of MDAs with functional ICT platform for enhancing citizens’ participation 

2. Statistics of enquiries that citizens make on the platform