General problem/challenge addressed by the commitment

1. Lack of access to government data.

2. Poor knowledge of existing citizens’ rights.

3. Apathy of citizens with respect to governance issues.

4. Paucity of knowledge about governance activities by citizens.

5. Non-inclusiveness of citizens in the governance process.

Main Objective

1. To promote improved service delivery

2. To build mutual trust and confidence between government and citizens.

3. To give citizens a voice in governance and make government more responsive to their priorities.

Specific OGP challenge addressed by commitment

1. Improves public services.

2. Public participation.

3. Increases public integrity.

Rationale for commitment

To improve access to governance by citizens and responsiveness of government to the needs of citizens.

Expected Outcome/impact

1. Improved service delivery to citizens

2. Increased responsiveness by government to the people’s needs.

3. Increased participation of citizens in governance.

Performance Indicators

1. Number of Town hall meetings held leading to greater community participation

2. Number of Public hearings conducted in Parliament leading to possible amendment of laws.

3. Number of Citizens’ forums held in key service ministries and MDAs like transport, Power, BoF, FIRS, CAC, BPP, NEITI, etc.

4.Proportion of MDA budgets that reflects citizen’s views.

5. Proportion of MDAs’ policies and plans that reflects citizens’ views.