General problem/challenge addressed by the commitment
There is inadequate citizens’ engagement and participation in the budget preparation, approval, implementation and monitoring process. This results in citizens not having information and thus not being able to relate with the projects in the budget and ultimately weakens accountability for resource allocations

Main Objective
To ensure that budget planning, approval, implementation, monitoring and reporting meet the needs of citizens and that citizens have open access to budget information in a format that is both human and machine readable

Specific OGP challenge addressed by commitment
More robust citizens’ participation in the budget cycle will result in more effective management of public resources and improved public services and contribute to learning for improved budget performance

Rationale for commitment
By making budget information available and accessible to all citizens in a timely manner and usable format, this commitment improves accountability on the part of Government, provides openness and transparency in the budget process and ensures that citizens are engaged throughout the budget cycle

Expected Outcome/impact
Improved management of public resources to provide essential services
Increased citizens’ participation in budget processes
Improved governance, transparency and accountability

Performance Indicators
Changes in the level of citizens’ satisfaction
Number of public consultations in the budget process
Timely and publicly available audit reports
Timely publication of the quarterly budget implementation reports in accordance with the Fiscal Responsibility Act
Number of public hearings organized by the National Assembly on budget and audit reports
Comprehensive Needs Assessment Reports accompanying MDA budget proposals annually
Number of CSOs and citizens participating in the budget hearings organized by National Assembly Committees of 3 – 5 priority sectors of government
The number of community-based projects that are uploaded on the technology-based feedback platform per budget cycle